the rain has rained and the wet eyes of castanias were staring in heaven...
will the moon shine tonight?...
all the happy castanias that had not fall down will stare at stars but the others...well...the others will kiss the ground...
with sad eyes they look at the trees...some time ago their blossom and green leaves made people happy...
maybe somebody is even jelous about not being
close to the ground?
what do stars think before they fall down?
what does the moon think knowing that he is the only one and always in the heaven?
i know what i am
thinking of when i see the falling star..and even when the next star will fall down i will choose to think of the same...
let it rain and let fall the ones have to fall..
but i will wait for mine - the one falling being...

one of those days

its one of those days again when i wish
i could crash or just dissapear
in the cold autumn night while crying...

i could even turn into the pieces of ice
in the dry grass
but i want to be yours and with you so much
and i'm staying who i am...
it could hurt sometimes even hurt a lot
like it does now
maybe i'm sorry for myself
maybe i'm too weak to look in the eyes of the truth
maybe i'm too weak to stay alone...
i don't know
days are like carusel and i dont know
where i am and where i'll be
i see no stop
maybe i even don't know what i want to say
its lack of words
and it hurts of the emptiness in the heart

when you touch me

when you touch me
I see buterflies dancing on the field...
when our eyes meet
it seems that all the world stops
and i feel only you...
there is a secret in your lips
that takes me in its hands again and again
and i feel borning the sparkles of joy
in each miracle
when you are near...

time hides

the time hides in a sunset
and sometimes in the songs of seagals
i cannot not to hear how you walk away
your steps
are echoing in my everyday's life
and your arriwing is louder than songs'
of the seagals
and we are watching sunset again

the evening

the evening smells of you
and your smile
all the world could hide in your arms
but its only me you place in your hands
i find you for a new again and again
and im getting lost in my happiness
and im so joyful about you
about us
and about all the world as a little child

our words

our words find the way
to come to our hearts
as the rain finds its way in a cold autumn day
as yellow leaves of autumn that fall
they stay as sunny as before
so do you
when you walk away you are staying the same
to me

i would

i would give millions of stars
to see your face in mornings
i would give millions of ambers
to see you happy


when the morning puts the kiss
in the window
you look at the watch still sleepy
and the dream rushes away
so you could smile to a new day


someone will confess on your street tonight
someone will ask forgivness with tide closed lips
i will run and i will spank the backs of the stones
i will run because i will not be able
to be near you
all the neighbors are smiling with open hearts
and i will give you a message
from your home
i will give you a look of your street


to dream is not a crime


Hvis sjæl kunne tale...

you open your eyes

you open your eyes
in the middle of night
and your life seems to stop
you open your soul
while you talking to me
and my heart seems to cry...
no picture is perfect
and no tears are real
in this time of year...
two souls seem to freeze
no dreams
and no dreaming
no sun and no warmth
and deep down inside
you know what i mean

little song

sweet little song
comes to your mind
all rouds in dust
but you still find
your way...
no man is stranger
and no house is locked


you made me feel relieved
and free of your love
free as a bird
with no wings
oh no I cant fly
I open my eyes

and Im falling
falling into you
how one suppose to fly
with no wings
last flight
and first fall
no longer free
but hurt

you are not

you are not my hobby
but you are my love
and you are not a game
but my great plan
small figures-free of pain and love
I am too real
and I love

it drops

it drops and drops
until its filled
too much of sun
too much of love
no rainy clouds
and im so blue
no pulse

no heartbeats
and no breath
its filled with you
and i feel you


Take me to your paradise
I wanna lay down
under your sun
Dont leave me alone
in the rain
Rush and cover rainy clouds
with your smile
Take me to your paradise
I am your sweet sinner
My commitment is my love

if i had

if i had a falling star
i would wish for you...
if i'd have to turn back time
i would turn it back
to see your eyes again...
if i had a chance to say:
"stars were beautiful that night..."
i would...
if i was God i would make us happen once again...
if i'd have to walkaway
i'd resist and stay
i would stay and pray
to see you once again...


when stars fall
looks like the heaven cries
and the birds
so desparate and in love
cry too...
we die in our hearts...
the night is ours
and the morning brings us apart...
the night stole the best of us...
dreams can be fulfilled
if you'll belive

question of time

its a question of time
and waiting
frustration and vibration
runs through my bounds
cannot stay calm
wanna dance
run, sing and laugh
so the world would wake up
from its boring day...
time for change
time to be crazy
careless and just be...
no control over time
im just a human sinner...

light my fire

light my fire
don't burn my dreams
they can be fulfilled...
call me a wind,
a sun or a rain

i am different
and cant be the same...
once you learn me
it will never be enough of me
for you..
when you light a fire
light it in me...

time is an envy

the time runs
through your fingers
cant catch
cant let it go
cant stop
everything just walks away
from you...
powerless and hurt
you look in the face
of your own
you cant hide the pain
cant save your soul
time is an envy
but I don't regret my life


i thought i was an angel
for you
til you started throwing
stones in my heart
i stumble
and you laugh
i fall
and you dont look back
your hands are clean
and you think you are happy
just an illusion
about all we had
angels die...
clean hands
take it or leave it
choose or forget
no games
no pain

loosing yourself

sometimes we loose our way
sometimes we stumble
no stars can be reached
if you dont light my sky
sometimes we fall in love
and sometimes we loose
the road is long
and when you feel like give up
stars smile to you
and you run towards me
forgetting the pain
loosing yourself to find me

feels right

it just feels right
to say all i say to you
it feels right to be the way i am
when you near
it just feels right to blush
when you say things
to smile when you smile
to dream when you question
all the things we do and say
feels right

snow in my window

snow in my window
let's fly away
hand in hand we could walk
far away
you are my star-rain maker
I don't wanna be your heartbreaker
let's fly away
to watch the rainbow
touching our smiles

At drømme med åbne øjne...
i waste my time

i waste my time on thoughts about you
and i cant stop missing you too..
i count every day
every hour and still

times go by
and people walk by...
shadows and lights run
covering streets...
nights getting longer
when you're not around

do if you can

I'm falling apart
no need for new heartbreaks
whispers in dark
shadows of sinners
you break the chains

and I make the distance
catch frightened bird
stop floating river
make heart belive
do if you can

milky way

you are my milky-way in the sky
wide, wide opened sky
i'm runing into your arms
millions of stars
and only one wish
we both know
we both want
the same
and i wish for us
and i mean it
i will pray for us
and i will not regret it

i wanna be yours

i'm sometimes gentle
i'm sometimes wild
and no matter who i am
i wanna be yours
i want no sorrows
i want no pain
and i know what it is like
when i'm yours
it's too good to loose
it's too late to back off
cuz i know
i wanna be yours

in your arms

I dont wanna make wishes
on the falling stars anymore
I dont wanna break bridges
as i did before
I just need my wings to fly away
cuz its hurting too much today
cuz hearts are broken every day
I dont wanna fall asleep alone
and i cant find a better place
in this world
then to be here in your arms tonight

about him

he spoke to me
when didn't mean it
it burned my wings
and it hurted
don't kiss
if you don't mean
don't smile
if it's not for real
there's something about him
the eyes - it feels like fire
but it gets cold as ice
the closer i come
the more i freeze
and when i freeze
im not complete
and tears in the night


too many questions
and only one choice
you wish to climbe up on the mountain
but you dont dare

you wish to open your mouth and say
but you're afraid
standing in one sunny spot
and closing eyes on everything
you loose, loose, loose...
and forget about
you forget who you are


Man går glip af mange ting hvis man lukker øjnene og gemmer sig mens det regner. ...Man kan miste regnbuens skønhed...
Man går glip af kærlighed hvis man ikke tro at den kan komme igen selvom den var død en gang...
Kærlighed er som rengbuen....Den kommer når du ikke forventer ...


im standing in a shadow
you move all gray clouds
off your way
im drawing small, bright sun
in the sky
and waiting in
the shadow
being very shy
you think im being childish,
maybe wild
and still you take
my self-made
little, yellow sun

one real thing

there suppose to be one real love...
maybe not...
maybe im wrong
maybe world is crazy
and maybe there is no
thing real
on this planet
only person can feel it by heart
no books can explain it
no movies can approve what love is

homeless hearts

Homeless hearts
Are not for sale
Or neither rent
Once you took it
Youre connected
And you know
I would never sell it away
But give it just for you
With no regrets
Given for free


Protected against my own happiness
I still cant deny I carry you with me
In my thoughts
And dreams
I hear you in each song
And see you in the crowd
I feel you when it rains
Dropping softly on my skin
Washing sweet sins away

you pushed

You pushed me
Pushed me down
And then I felt
Fall like a star
Willing to be someones wish
Willing to fall softly
In someones hands
Willing to rise up
With you
The final push
Never ending dreams are gone
New star is born

when you're gone

When youre gone
I feel the night gets darker
Shared laugh as echo
Runs through my mind
I find the path we walked
In the summer night
I feel youre back again

you hide

You hide your smile
Or maybe you just scared
You are my universe

And still I feel I have no place to go
I see my
reflection in your eyes

And still I feel Im somehow getting blind
Ill find my path if you will be my light

sing me a song

Sing me a song, baby
Tell things gonna be alright
Put your hand on my head, honey
Whisper me future has light
Kiss my eyes goodnight, sweetie
They are tired of seeing
Sad people in sidewalks
Crying girl in the park
Kiss my lips, baby
They hurt of saying the truth
I love you

Når ordene krydser i vejen...
let me be

Let me be part of your circle
Part of your dance
I've been thrown out
As fish of stormy ocean
And thrown in
In the middle of nowhere
I walk in and out
When you stop me,I am too stubborn to listen
When you welcome, I run and stumble


Youre beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
When you sleep
But woken beasts are dangerous creatures
With open eyes they can kill
A little killer is born in your heart
All kings are dead I say
What eyes havent seen, heart doesnt demand
What mirrors cannot show, you neverknow
Who you are
You look so open and straight
And I slowly die
Of seeing you turn into king

i step aside

I step aside and let you just walk
Its hard but you dont mind
Its dark but you pretend you can see
You are homeless in your own world
Helpless in your own strength
It seems you lift your shoulders
But the mirror reflects how small you are
No snowstorms behind our window
No sunrises in our bed
Only small shadow of you
Left in my memories
The distance I take the smaller it gets
When it disappears on horizon
I will celebrate my victory
Over you

my escape

My escape could be your arms
And my heart could be your home
Just like hobos we walk on never ending road
We are still mad
mad at this world
That puts us so far away from each other
My thoughts can easily win over the time machine
I am already there
in your room next to you
I close my eyes as you undress yourself
I do not dare to make you shy
But I would dare to stare at you
When Im there
For real

pieces of me

Pieces of me
I can see myself from above in a form of rain
You drink your cup
and think its just a summer rain so warm
and nice
No excuses
its just something in the air tonight

Smell is coming with a wind
I think its gonna be autumn soon

Hundreds of colours of the trees
will reflect in your eyes

I could crash for a while next to you
in invisible form
so you feel free
Free to run and be childish as none else could
this season

Not just
an autumn but time when all and everyone are
on the way to rest
And find a better place to sleep the winter over...
in warm hands
Shoulder to shoulder
undisturbed of laud voices of birds
Just whispers and candlelights here
all over your palace
In a colour of yellow autumn leaves
beautiful dream
beautiful people
meant for each other
Walking away in their dreams
Dont touch my moon
youll scare the moonlight over your garden
You steal your own apples
red and sweet as our lips in a kiss

I am far away from where we meant to be today
Just a piece of me is still with you in an open space
I will call for you until youll hear me and maybe see
I suppose soon


Pain suits you today better then any piece of clothes
Your soul wears the most beautiful mask
And you feel so comfortable with yourself
Satisfaction of your own life makes you to be
And blind to see your own mistakes
And still while enjoying passion for yourself
You point your finger on me
You laugh
And I get smaller
You hate
And I get weaker
You take all you want
And make it to cold snowflakes
That melts and disappears in the air
The pain suits you well
But I love it better
When you weak of happiness
Because then you are so close to heaven
And even much closer to me

Også i skyggen kan man finde en solstrål...
flow with the river

Flow with the river
Sing with birds
We die a little with each sunset
And we are more and more in love
with each sunrise
I wave with my hand goodbye
To a man on the horizon
The face is too far
But the smile cleans dark clouds away
I am home again
each sunrise
I wave with my hand goodbye
To a man on the horizon
The face is too far
But the smile cleans dark clouds away
I am home again

heart is singing

i catch myself smiling
while wind crazy playing
in your hair
more then anything else
i wanna picture the wind
and feeling of being in love
with this moment
and when you start suddenly sing
quite on the bus-stop
you somehow know
that's your heart who's singing


touched by invisible hand
and warm feeling inside
i still wonder
and wait
with excitment
my heart grows bigger
i know there should be place enough
to invite you
in a silence of morning sun
in a warmth
with a melody of wind
and smell of autumn leaves
i see your face
its too much
but im a keeper...

mod stjerner

når du flyver mod stjerner om natten
dit hjerte synger med
du mister dit syn for et øjeblik
og jeg kan se gennem dine øjenvipper
du smiler
og jeg kan mærke varmen
jeg kan høre din ånde
så tæt
for et øjeblik jeg mister
jorden under mine fodder
og jeg bliver så svag
så lykkelig

Tankerne stopper aldrig...
never sunset again

never sunset again
in my sadest dreams
never killed birds
lying down the highway
if you wanna fly
go ahead
there is a safe road
if you choose my way
here you can rest
sitting on the rainbow
swinging your tired legs
and watching me
dancing in the rain

catch me

catch me if you can
love me if you dare
scared birds
have strong wings
you don't trust
once you felt
there is a better place
then to be in your cage
playgrounds in my backmind memory
calls me back
to where i should be
so stop me if you can
keep me if
you dare

no tumsas uz gaismu

No tumsas uz tumsu
Es alkstu pec gaismas...


Kä cerlbas stars tu skaties uz mani un gaisma plüst manä sejä


Es lüdzu klusä balsl
nopüt sveces
tumsa ir mana jaunäkä mäsa


Tavs iedomlgais kautrums iezogas manä sejä
tu smaidi un es sarkstu

Un tu esi tik patiess, ka gaisma säk starot no tevis tik spilgta kä baltais sniegs

Savu rügtäko säpi es dävinu sev un tev pienäkas mana saldäkä puse

Esmu gandrlz taväs mäjäs
mums pienäkas särtäkais rudens


Siltäko domu sauju
tik vieglu kä taurenu deju es ieberu tavä sirdii

walk through me

i dreamed of you
you couldn't dare to walk away
so you chose
to walk through me
like a thunder and lightning
in a warm summer day
i felt powered by your light
if i should i could light millions of stars
in the sky
if you would stay awhile
i might even steal your thoughts
while diving in a warm, quite night
with our stars above

the right words

undress your secrets
and i'll get naked too
walking like in chains
on the crashed glass
bleeding from inside
in the heart
I try to pick up the right words
for you not to shut up on me
believe me its hard
believe me i try
i wish you see what im thinking
i wish you stay by my side
believe me i care
so give us a try

the best part

it is the day
when i might lose
or win
its the day when
you might start to hate me
or hold me even more

its one of those days
when we realize
what if...what if tomorrow never comes
so now when you are on my mind
in my heart
been under my skin
i dare to think it's us
but if i lose
well...then you should know
that you been the best part of my life

what could wings be

when im with you
i feel the wind in my face
my wings grow slowly stronger
as im looking at you
the sun seems closer to my eyes
as im reaching
warmth from your hands
when im with you
im not afraid nor win, nor loose
cuz im the winner with you in my heart
the colors of the world makes a nice picture
when we walk along each other
as i fall from the mountain
i feel no fear
cuz im falling deeply
in love


my hand disappear in yours
but i don't mind
i smile when i think of you
but i don't mind

it feels so right
i feel alive
in my heart

you stole my peace
but i don't mind
you broke into my heart
but i don't mind

and i'd love to lock you inside my heart

but you already live in my thoughts
but you already come into my dreams
and this is so real
so i wouldn't change a thing
but i just want to disappear into you
and grab your hand...